What is cantilever racking system? How to use it?

cantilever pallet racking
Cantilever racking is a type of storage system – due to its open design, is particularly useful for storing difficult-to-handle products such as lengths of timber, steel tubing, or drain pipe that would not otherwise fit into a standard pallet storage system. Longer, heavier items can be stored horizontally, resting across multiple arms, and odd-shaped items, such as furniture, can also be stored. They are the type in which beams are only anchored at one end. The clear space beneath the beam and the lack of supporting columns make it an extremely versatile storage system. Cantilever Racking can be used inside or outside of a warehouse, depending on the item being stored. Fast-moving plastic tubing, for example, which is unlikely to deteriorate in wet, cold, or hot conditions, could be easily stored outside. The main advantages of cantilever racking are determined by your storage requirements. Cantilever racks may not be suitable if your company only stores small items that can be easily stacked on pallets. Pallet racks provide more storage options and allow for more efficient use of available space. Cantilever Rack enables the storage and organization of items that are difficult to store on pallets. Cantilever uprights support cantilever arms in warehouses. Longer and heavier items can now be stored horizontally across multiple arms. This is the primary distinction between cantilever and pallet racking. You can configure a cantilever racking system to store both traditional pallets and oversized items, depending on the needs of your warehouse. However, pallets can only be stored on deep per row.  How can you put it to use? A cantilever rack is made up of four major parts: the base, uprights, arms, and supports. The base is substantial and frequently made of steel. It provides strong support and extends from the rack’s bottom to counterbalance the heavy weight of the stored items. The uprights are vertical posts that are extremely strong and serve as support for the arms. The “shelves” that extend from the uprights are the arms themselves. They keep track of your inventory. To give the racks extra strength supports to connect the uprights. Top Shelf is one of the best storage solution provider companies in the UAE, offering a wide range of high-quality products at unbeatable prices. They are the best racking system providing cutting-edge and innovative solutions to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.