Racks Supported Mezzanines Floors utilizes all available ceiling height and is ideal for storing a wide variety of packaged goods for hand picking. It is the ideal solution for the utilizing of warehouse’s height and space. A mezzanine floor offers a very cost-effective way of transforming unused headroom space into dynamic office, manufacturing or storage space, which allows a business to expand considerably within its existing premises.

Rack supported floors are an ideal solution to create an open floor space above a shelving or racking system that can be used for bulk storage or additional shelving. A Floor over racking system is simply an area of shelving or racking with a lid on top that creates a floor accessed by a staircase. A Rack Supported Mezzanine floor is the fastest way to add and use additional floor space within the shell of an existing building.

Raised storage areas provide the means to create separate zones within one centralized facility, so you can separate areas for bulky items, fragile items, warehousing and dispatch, fast moving and slow moving stock. Each installation is tailored to the site and the load-bearing performance required – maximizing economy and safety.

Staircases, hand railings, catwalks, pallet gates, wooden floor panels, steel floor panels, goods chutes, offices & conveyors can also be included in the construction of these rack supported mezzanine systems.

Rack supported floors are a cost effective way of providing additional floor space when shelving is being used at ground level and negates the need for a structural mezzanine floor

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