Shuttle Racking
  • High density storage, excellent floor area utilization
  • Semi-Automated pallet storage and retrieval system, combining maximization of storage capacity, selectivity and high throughput speed
  • Structure includes support racks, shuttle rails and shuttle carts (radio shuttle)
  • Radio shuttle placed at either end of the desired tunnel by the forklift, and operates independently via radio frequency
  • Carrier moves in under the wanted pallet, lifts it and transports it back to the desired location
  • System can be configured with as high as 70 pallets in depth
  • Each level within a lane can accommodate a different SKU, increasing the number of pick faces compared to the drive-in system
  • Standard material handling equipment required only at loading and unloading ends; reducing operator stress
  • FIFO or LIFO principle
  • Suited for the beverage production and distribution, meat processing, food distribution and temperature controlled facilities

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