Column Guards offer protection from Forklift trucks damaging the racks. Easy to install and inexpensive in comparison to replacement of racking frames or collapse of racking structure.

Collisions between forklift trucks and racking systems are common in busy warehouses. Implementing protective measures is essential to reduce damage, costs and operational interruptions. Crash Barriers are a pallet racking accessory used to form a safety step around the end of the racking upright frame.

Ideal for those accidental blows from forklift trucks and pallet jacks. Our column guards are extremely robust and provide the ideal protection by transferring impact load into the ground and saving your pallet racking column from damage.

Our Safety Barriers provide durable protection and utmost safety in busy warehouses. Ensuring damage prevention to racking installations from forklift trucks and pallet trolleys; Extremely strong and highly visible crash barriers are ideal for a safe working environment in your warehouse.

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