Most common types of pallet racking systems

pallet racking system

Pallet racking systems are a valuable asset in warehouses and distribution centers. They are the best investment for businesses, especially when storage space is scarce. They help to optimize space, increase productivity, and provide easy access to inventory. When you use high–quality pallet racking such as stainless steel, it becomes more and adds to the security of your inventory. You need to choose the right pallet racking systems.


Pallet racking systems are useful in warehouses and other facilities where products are transferred, shipped and stored on pallets. This enables these facilities to make the most of vertical space by storing pallets multiple stories high. Pallet racking also aids in the organization and accessibility of the product. There are numerous pallet racking systems, each with its ideal use case and inventory management strategy. Here are the most common types of pallet racking systems


  1. Selective Racking: Selective Pallet Racking is adaptable and simple to customize to fit any warehouse environment. As a result, this is one of the most commonly used storage structures. All pallets can be accessed directly from the aisle using this system. It is one of the simplest pallets to install.
  2. Cantilever Racking System: Cantilever racking is typically used to store long products such as lengths of wood, plastic piping, and steel rods. The racking is made up of long arms that protrude from a metal framework that is specifically designed to hold long or bulky items. Cantilever racking, unlike some other types of pallet racking systems, lacks a front column. This, in turn, expands your storage space and allows you to easily access your inventory.
  3. Push Back Racking: These pallet racking systems are available in structural or roll form. These systems are ideal for storing multiple products in a high-density environment. Push-back racking also improves product accessibility and allows for the precise selection of inventory items. It allows you to have better control over your inventory.
  4. Drive-in Racking: Drive-in pallet racking is designed to maximize warehouse floor space. When compared to other systems, this type of racking requires fewer aisles. The layout allows for enough space for forklifts to maneuver through the aisles. This aids in the future addition of additional pallets.
  5. Mobile Racking: Mobile Pallet Racking is also referred to as a multi-level, structured unit. It uses the fewest aisles, which saves space. The system is set up in such a way that any pallet can be accessed directly. It is an excellent choice for cold stores and freezers looking to reduce storage costs.

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